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Shocking Blue Links

Shocking Blue Links Page

Update: On the 2nd of december 2006 Mariska Veres has passed away. She was 59 years old.

The NEW Shocking Blue Memorial Website!
You can make a personal profile, add information, make blogpostings and meet other Shocking Blue friends.

About Huub Koch

In 1969 I Founded the Shocking Blue fanclub, which succeeded in collecting more then 1500 subscribers to the Pinky fanzine, which was co-edited by journalist Karel den Hengst and photographer Teun van Popta. The fanclub was supported by Mariska Veres and Robbie van Leeuwen and Hans Wilbrink of Dureco records. The fanclub activities included fanmeetings, performance on national television, radio and newspaper interviews. The fanclub was eventually sold to one of the record company’s officials: Herman van Sliedrecht.

As visitors keep asking me where to find information about Shocking Blue I simply present the most important links known to me and that might be usefull right here. 

Notice: At the writings section you can find My short history of the dutch Shocking Blue Fanclub. This story is in dutch, the english version is under development. A Shocking Blue Memorial Website is under construction.
Below is a Shocking Blue Venus-Video.

Shocking Blue Fansites

Huub Koch's Shocking Blue Memorial smallsite

Greg's Unofficial Shocking Blue fansite

Alex Gitlin Shocking Blue Page # 1

Alex Gitlin Shocking Blue Page # 2

Hardrockcafe Shocking Blue Page from Russia

Top2000weblog New! [Dutch]

Shocking Blue Information Pages

Shocking Blue Discography

Shocking Blue covers played by other artists

Shocking Blue discussion page

Shocking Blue at Doyle Tatum

Shocking Blue at Holland Rocks

Shocking Blue at Bat Cat

Shocking Blue Biographypage in dutch

Mariska Veres related Websites

Mariska Veres Picture Page

Mariska Veres at VipSpotting

Mariska Veres at RusNet

Mariska Veres at Wikipedia

Mariska Veres in Beatmeisjes

Mariska Veres and Thijs van Leer [Focus]

Mariska Veres at Westcoastbigband

Mariska Veres Booking Agency

Mariska Veres Russian fansite

Shocking Blue Lyrics and Tabs Pages

Peterlink Shocking Blue Lyrics Page

AmIRight Shocking Blue Lyrics Page

Gnoosic Shocking Blue Lyrics Page with Discussion Board

En Venus was haar naam

Shocking Blue [other] bandmembers

Leo van de Ketterij at The Cave website

Martin van Wijk at The Lemming website

Henk Smitskamp at The Flight 505 website

If you happen to know any other Shocking Blue websites that might be of interest: Just send me an email.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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