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Drink graphic design: Fourpack 
[some other dutch originals]

Arabic Typography
Interesting work by Heller Student Tarek Atrissi can be found at Arabictypography.

Dutch Design
To start getting acquainted with different forms of worldfamous or unknown dutch design and designers: Check out the Rotterdam based website of the Vivid Design Gallery right now!
Greatest high quality designlink collection
If you are searching for a huge collection of design links concerning graphic design, typography and webbased media: The Inktpot from Russia has collected them all! The site itself might be curious but the links are superb as a source of inspiration.

Miscellanous Dutchlinks this week!

> Max Kisman [a dutch original] <
> 178aardigeontwerpers
[a dutch original] <
> Errore Excepto
[a dutch original] <
> TheStoneTwins
[a dutch | irish original] <

> Designersworld/inspiration
[a dutch original] <
> MargiGeerlinksPhotography
[a dutch original] <
> WorkFromHolland
[a dutch original] <
> HouseOfOrange
[a dutch original] <
> DesignIsFunkyMagazine
[a dutch original] <
Other miscellanous links this week!

> GeorgeBatesStudio
[an original] <
> ArchitectsOfAir [an english original] <
> HusseinChalayan
[another original] <
> Asyl
[a japanese original] <
> SemioticsForBeginners
[latest original] <

Yale webstyle manual
Every web designer or consultant should read the Yale web style manual, if only once in his life. This guide serves as the proof that education can have a meaning if its done properly. YWSM gives you the tools, basic insights and techniques to get started in the area of interactive media in a professional manner. If you got the point in what they have to say it is only up to you. That's all there is to say, so do not hesitate and read this mayor contribution to the community of web designers and publishers wich can be found at Yale's webstyle manual website.
Webpagedesign for webdesigners 
WPFWD is a site that gives you tips and tricks in a very encyclopedian manner. Want to know everything about jpeg and gif, flash and scripting? Just go this this site which is a contribution by one individual. An effort that is still growing day by day with its huge collection of valuable content that is waiting just for you. Surf to WPFWD

Nathan Shedroff 
The web is made by individuals. One good example is Nathan Shedroffs website. I just surfed in on this website after clicking to the Interaction Institute Ivrea in Italy. If you want to get an idea what interaction or experience design is about, this is the place to be. Another interesting part of the site is the huge collection of links exposed. You can also find a lot of speeches, lectures, talks and reports from Nathan, in pdf or powerpoint format. A labyrinth that makes you find new and important discussions everytime you connect to Nathan dot com.

More links 
At this moment you can find more links and stories at other departments of this site. Check out other quality sites on topics like art, writing, photography and several miscellanuous subjects at the bottom of the pages under the main navigation and its submenu's of Create, Enchant and Imagine.
Shocking Blue links
Shocking Blue fans, who know about my involvement in the former Shocking Blue Fanclub, find a Shocking Blue Link Page here!
Martial Art lovers check out my Tai Chi Page.
Other sites of interest!
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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
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