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Sites of da week & da month!

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Earlier sites of the week

Advanced webdesign > Zakros By Randall Packer. Also checkout the Zakrossite! Also visit: holodeck >
Its a Magazine [3] of da Week
> RE: Why? Its the dutch original no one can deny!
Initiative of da Week
> created by ParadigmShift: Dutch Adbusters & More!
Worx of da Week
> Ulla! Why? This is the painterly approach in design, just nice!

Claymovie of da Week > Atse > You really have to keep an eye on the Swagerman Family. Why? Take a Look and have fun!!!

Illustrator of da Month > Raoul Deleo! 

Advertising-agency of da Week > Ruwijs
Why? Because they can handle the recession!
Need Lorum Ipsum? Go to Textgenerator!

Resourcesite of da Week > BlueVertigo
Why? Surf this site and you know why!!! 
Flashaddicts also visit TheOculart!

A New Weblink [#125!] Towards this site from Shoptalk, the blog of the Cap College Professional Communications Certificate Program that mentions this website as a good resource on typography and a great website related to its usage, philosophy, and function, honored together with Mixing Messages.

Some new sites of da Week > The Logo Discussion Continues! Why? Thanks to AnjaRanja! of the Dutch Internet Creatives webmailinglist! + Go&See Work-O-Meter!

Design research site of da Month > Bartolomeo Mecánico Why? Signage back to basics and literary on the streets! Very Nice!

Site of da Month > Pause-Online! by Christiaan de Rooy. Why? Take a Look!

Site of da Week > Sheep-Entertainment!
Why? Click on Artiesten and then on Sexy Ted!

The start of the Great Logo Discussion: If clients believe they can handle their identities all by themselves, then this is it > LogoYes 

Check out some updates at:  Internetcreatieven < The dutch site for internet creatives! Why? just take a look!

Concepting of da Week > Dutchlabel
Why? Vive la Olande! Also visit Adcracker!

Designers of da Week > G2Works
Why? Vive la France! Also visit Plexfilm!

Copywriter of the week: Jan Wouters!

Copywriter of the week: Schworks!

Site of da Week [dutch] > Struikelblok
Why? The trouble with building accessible websites solved at last: a site for managers, designers and builders! Free Entrance & Info!
Or read Between TechnoBlue & Cybergreen.

Designer of da Week > Annette Weintraub
Why? Since I re-entered the field of flashMX design I start to get a lot of new favourites!

Designers of da Week > DesignIsDead
Why? A refreshing initiative from Belgium!

Site of da Week >! Why? A surreal art project called Nike Ground!

Designers of da Week > Nepco! Why? Performance > design > inflatable! > Great!

Designers of da Week > Testweb! Why? Interesting Visual Research from Rotterdam!

Designer of the Week > Umpff!
Why? More Designtalent from Rotterdam!

Contest of da Week > Monnikenwerk! Why? Laat je creatieve sappen vloeien. Kruip in de pen, pak je olieverf, start Photoshop en máák!

Link of the Week > DeepSites! Why? Hmmm.

Designers of t' Week > Christopher Sleboda!
Why? Just check out his site!type!books!etc! + Aesthetic Apparatus! Why? If y' think there is an end to Print, this will change your mind!

Link of the Week > This is a magazine!
Why? Just like Maldoror it has words + pix!
This is a magazine! is part of Designerslife! Not Spanish? Need Translation? Here it is!

Designers of the Week > Hardcorps!
Why? Just because this is funny!

Designers of last Week > Acido_Surtido!
Why? These designers from Argentina have created several magazines under the title Acido Sutido [Assorted Acid] that uses a juxtaposition of humour, wit and grafismo, just the way I like it!
Want to know more about this magazine? Go to no 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5

Designer of last Week > Tetsoo!
Why? Take a look at his illustrative style!

Foreign Designoffice of the Week > Fabrik !
Why? Just take a portfoliolook for yourself!

Designoffice of next Week > PingPong !
Why? its is definitely the _______ site i have seen in years. Especially the _______ are _______. ________,!

Designoffice of the Week > Artmiks !
Why? Just check out their site!

Designer of last Week > Tord Boontje!
Why? Check out his Glass Designs and see!
Designoffice of last Week > Plein-Publiek !
Why? Sorry No translation! Dutch design only!
Designlink of the Week
> Designfortheworld !
Why? Voluntary design for people in need!
Designer 1 of last Week > Andre Thijssen !
Why? Get some taste of his imagery design!


Designer 2 of last Week > Airplant !
Why? Get some taste of interaction design!


Designer of two weeks before last Week >> Laurie Rosenwald !
Why? Rosenworld is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of graphic design! Also check out her stories at the homepage after the splash.


Designer of two weeks before last Week > Fabrizio Schiavi ! Why? The width and the fun of his works!


Designer of three weeks before last Week > Claret Serrahima! Why? Just take a look at his portfolio! See his book 34933010083 or go to Graficalia.
Designer of four weeks before last Week > Karin Lecarpentier! Why? Type! Straight and sober! Humane and most of the time in good shape! < More specifics? Just read about Teaching Typographic Literacy at the Writings section.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
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