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The Designer as Author
The Designer as Author is
not a concept from  Steve Heller, senior art director at
the New York Times, Design critic
[80 books published about graphic design] and initiator of the MFA/Design
'The Designer As Author' Educational Programme.

...actually, the term appeared in print with national distribution long before Mr. Heller named his MFA program after the term. In 1996, I (Steven McCarthy, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota) co-curated (with Cristina de Almeida) "Designer as Author: Voices and Visions", an exhibition of such work. See: , and an article I wrote for Eye magazine, v. 41 for original sources.

Also check out the MFA website to get an impression of where some beat goes on. + Just read my contribution to Steve's new book about Teaching Typographic Literacy [the education of a typographer] at the Writings section.

If you are mentioned somewhere on this page you can collect the webaward above by sending me an email. If you show the award on your website please make it clickable towards this website:

Artsites of da Week > Ludy Feyen Why? Site specific outdoor art with a very special touch of dutchness: Also visit the newborn website of Jan G. Nolst Trenité, now 86 years old!
Trend of da Week
> Time for trendwatchers:
Sign of the Times > Sense-worldwide > Trendslator > SomanyDynamos > Polhemus > Philipsdesign > View > Li Edelkoort > BrainReserve > Schwarz > Naisbitt > Salzman 
Imagemakers of da Week
PhotoshopDiva > Mariano Luque > JellyAssociates >
School of Visual Arts Thesis Projects >
School of Visual Arts Class Projects >
School of Visual Arts Student Work < ImustCreate > Cicciapalla Corp < Click+Enjoy!

PDF-file of da Week
> Hearing Type by Frank Armstrong. Frank is one of
the contributors of The Education of a Typographer. The PDF-file is his essay in the book! More about Sound!

Postersites of da Week
> 1. SwissPostersGraphic Design in the 20-30's >
Australian Travel Posters >
Dutch Poster Museum > Poster Auctions > Rene Wanner > ArtLex
Flashsite of da Week
> 165ps Why? Funny, Interesting, Layered and Made for Growth! 

Untitled of da Week
> WorldWithoutType Why? Some ideas just fly in the air. I was thinking about a world without Type and how that would look like while riding my bike this morning! Then I dropped in at Typographica and found TheUntitledProject! by Mat Silber.

Site of da Month > The site of my graphic and interior designer friends Isidoor & Schadek just went online. Dunkeytime! Isidoorenschadek! A little time ago my friends at Synchronicity Design updated their portfolio! Check it out!

Site of da Week
> Misprinted Type Why? Just take a look. Like Type? Also visit Underware!

Advanced Portfolio > Breathewords By Adriana de Barros. Also visit Zine Scene360!
+ Checkout !

File of da Year > The Glass Wall! The [8mb]  stunning PDF document about the restyling of the BBC website! A must for webdesigners! Published in 2002, but very hard to find on the internet today. So here it is again!

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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