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Serving the Nation

The headline above once served as an ironic eye catcher on a Tibor Kalman M&Co businesscard. Ironically as it may be it still underlines the service aspect of every designer. The higher aspect of service is to share. This chapter is dedicated to sharing personal favourites. My favourites, and yours. My favourites serve as a starting point: The websites, the books and the downloads I believe to be essential for designers. I will present these selections sparingly, only what I consider to be the best is presented.

The difference

What is the difference between the hyperlinks that are presented on these pages and others that are listed at the bottom of other pages? The difference with other pages is that the favourites presented on these pages are accompanied by a special motivation. A motivation that serves as a small review. A review that sums up the reasons why I believe that this selection is crucial.

My turn, your turn

As I believe in interaction and the concept of sharing this is also the place to share your favourites with me and other visitors of this site. If you believe your contribution is of value, do not hesitate to send your recommendations about websites, books and downloads to the owner of this site. Recommendations have to be accompanied by your personal motivation. If your favourites are accepted for publication, your name and email address will be published next to your contribution. If you have a website, your url can be included too. Remember: Surprise is the brother of expectation, but there has to be a meaning that goes beyond the self.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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