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The answers to the questionaire:

A culture of asking the right questions needs a realtime Quest Questionaire!

What is Nietzsche's most famous saying?
God is dead.

Which quote brought Joseph Beuys fame?
Everybody is an artist.

Who invented Un-design?
Tibor Kalman.

Who said the Medium is the Massage?
Marshall Mcluhan.

What is the meaning of Kung Fu?

Which book brought Bruce Mau instant exposure?
His design of SMLXL by Rem Koolhaas.

What is the purpose of Creating Good Vibrations?
Establishing long lasting relationships.

What is the first sentence of Shocking Blue's worldhit 'Venus'?
A goddess on a mountain top.

What is the title of Rem Koolhaas first mayor book publication?
Delirious New York.

Which fashion designer created the New Look?
Christian Dior.

What did Louis Armstrong say when he played the trumpet in a New York Cathedral?
Oh man, this sounds like heaven.

How do black citizens in the USA call each other?
Brothers and sisters.

Who said 'Be Here Now'?
Ram Das.

What's the most wellknown yoga exercise?
Greeting to the sun.

Who is the author of Manuale Typografico?

Which type designer made the Syntax font?
Rudolf Koch.

Who's Li Edelkoort's boyfriend?
Anton Beeke.

Who's the founder of MetaDesign?
Eric Spiekerman.

Which Art Director makes the Longlegged Ladies Campaigns for Galeries Lafayette in Paris?
Jean Paul Goude.

Who is the bad guy in Blue Velvet?
Dennis Hopper.

Which Allen Ginsberg poem is best known?

Which operasinger made her way into punkmusic?
Diamanda Galas.

Why did Jimmy Carter say thank you to people who took the Greyhound bus in the 80's?
For saving energy and taking the bus.

What is the title of the movie of the Holland Pop festival?
Stamping Ground.

Which book brought Henry Miller instant worldwide exposure?
Tropic of Capricorn.

Who said that of which one cannot speak one should remain silent?

Who is the main character in Ouspenky's book In search of the Miraculous?
G.I. Gurdjieff.

What is the basic element that constitutes the universe?

What is the last composition made by Mozart?

Who is the architect of the internet?
Tim Berners Lee.

Who is the founder of Memphis?
Alessandro Mendini.

What is the first thing you should do when the house is on fire?
Get out.

What is the first sentence ever spoken in the universe?
Let there be light.

What is the difference between portugese and spanish bullfighting?
The Spanish kill the bull, the Portugese donít.

Which building by Mies van der Rohe in New York is best known?
The PanAm building.

How far would a person walk for a camel?
A mile.

If you trust in God, what should you do more?
Tie your camel first.

Which french poster designer is best known for his travel designs?

Which American Vogue Art Director wanted to be surprised and designers to shout?
Alexej Brodovich.

Who said that to awake the public one should shoot with a revolver into the crowd?
Andre Breton.

Who said that there is no problem because there is no solution?
Marcel Duchamp.

Which movie director made 'Stalker'?
Andrej Tarkovski.

Which saying is most outstanding in the motion picture 'Das Boot'?
Gute fahrt und fette beute.

Which french philosopher killed his wife?
Louis Althusser.

What do Tibetans ask foreigers most?
Picture Dalai Lama.

Who ruined Pompeij?
The Vesuvius.

Which Greek theatre is most famous?

Who made the movie 'Salo'?

Which Diamond brand is the greatest?
The Beers.

Who is the screenwriter for Le Charme Discret by Luis Bunuel?
Jean Claude Carriere.

Who wrote the script of 'Un chien andalou'?
Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali [together].

What is the only sound you hear inside a Rolce Royce at 100 miles an hour?
The sound of the electric clock.

Which chinese philosopher wrote about the art of baking fish?
Lao Tse.

How many colours are websafe?

Who is the main character in the french film 'Themroc'?
Michel Piccoli.

Who is the main character in 'Dogs of War'?
Christopher Walken.

Which instrument was used most by Nico?

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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