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ToBloom is a project by dutch artists Joop Vos and Maria Berkhout from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The ToBloom project consists of a series of large images, printed digitally in Fine Art Glicee Techniques on special 500 grams watercolour paper by Somerset. This paper has a 80 year colour garantee certificate. Other works were printed on large cibachrome paper. The frames which were specially chosen to accompany these works are made from nut- and tuliptrees. Wood that is certified to be Environmentally friendly.

ToBloom is about the magnificance of flowers, translated through digital photography and a labourous development of image- corrections and enhancements. The result is a high quality artform about brilliance of colour and detail, details which are usually hidden for the eye, now brought to the surface.

ToBlooms subject matter delivers its great potential to the audience by being a gift from the heart that reaches out to the public. ToBloom involves love of life, observes processes of growth, but does not deny its counterparts of decay and death. ToBloom shows us depth by focusing our attention on the soft breeze of silence. It unfolds a mystery that rises out of this imagery to touch gentle on what seems an ordinairy reality.

ToBloom thus uses an esthetic approach to provoke a shock inside the viewer by displaying a zenlike beauty. Like Haiku it leaves its traces by echoeing in the mind. It raises awareness that strikes the mind, slowly or suddenly, delivering an insight.

ToBloom was recently on show at the Center for Visual Arts (CBK) in Rotterdam from the 14th till the 26th of Januari 2003. Next on show at Hartman Interiors in Rotterdam. Appointments with the artists for Studio visits can be made by sending email to ToBloom. To get a first impression just visit the Website ToBloom (NL).

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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