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Huub Koch presents Zichtbare Zaken

Huub Koch started his own designoffice Zichtbare Zaken at the 1st of July 2005. The opening was marked by the launch of the new dutch website.

Freshbusiness online!

The new website of Freshbusiness by Fred Bergmans has gone officially online at the start of June 2005. In march the new corporate identity created by Huub Koch, went public.
The launch of site and identity are part of the new introduction of the company, which uses many different media.

Honorable mention of this website

A New Weblink [#125!] Towards this site from Shoptalk, the blog of the Cap College Professional Communications Certificate Program that mentions this website as a good resource on typography and a great website related to its usage, philosophy, and function, honored together with Mixing Messages.

New Maldoror Wushu issue online!

The new wushu issue of Huub Koch's Maldoror e-zine has gone online!

New: Tai Chi Chuan Links page!

As visitors asked for a Tai Chi Chuan Link page I could not refuse to make one. Here it is! 

2003-2004 Golden Web Award!

At Huub Koch's Creating Good Vibrations You have Obviously Worked Very Hard to Establish an Exceptional Website. Creating Good Vibrations has been Reviewed and Chosen to Bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award of the International Association of WebMasters & Designers. Congratulations!

DARIN CARTER | Chairman I.A.W.M.D. | Issued on: the 22nd of February 2003 [20:36] | USA <


Why students bookmark this site!
Some students of Friesland College in Holland recently added this website to their favourite sites list. Their conclusion: If you want to know... what design really is about... go immediately to the Enchant-section!


The latest Updates at What's New !

For the latest updates visit What's New


New Updates at The Archive !

More and more old websites are coming online as more and more request keep coming this way that tell me: Just one ...  more time!


The Portfolio is online now!
Here's the Menu!


Just published!

Teaching Typographic Literacy

This essay will also be published as a contribution in the New Anthology of Steve Heller: The Education of a Typographer, to be published by Allworth Press
Spring 2004.


Good Old Maldoror back online!

As some visitors kept asking what happened to Maldoror E-Zine the fact became clear that there seems to be a need to see the oldtime Maldoror Newsgroup Issue and the Maldoror Divers Issue again. So here they are and watch out for number 3 too: The Wrong Issue: coming soon.


The New Year brings New possibilities!

The year 2003 brings you the official launch of this website. This site has already gained wide recognition by an audience that served as the test-team during recent months. As a result the site's performance has received a sponsorship by Remondo and will be hosted for your conveniance on their hightech servers. More details will follow soon.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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