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To publish or not to publish 

To be alive a website cannot be without news, archives, a collection of writings, merchandise and a possibility to subscribe to a newsletter.


At the newssection you can find all newsitems that are published on this site, in the media or through other channels. Be sure to check out this page for recent updates.


The archive is the special place to go to get access to earlier publications on this site that have been removed from different parts of this site. It might also contain other publications that belonged to earlier websites by Huub Koch.


The writings page shows you the way, now or in the future, to new and old publications by Huub Koch. The files may be in html, pdf or ppt formats. Appropiate plugin, software or dowload instructions will be provided.


We like to Create Good Vibrations, which means that we love to buy and sell one many splendoured thing ... called time. This does not mean that I really want to sell something, but you can send an e-card from the Void, download a T-Shirt print design or check out the banners you could place on your website to support this site. Maybe there is more to come, so keep an eye on updates.


This page serves as an archive for newsletters and sends you around this site in search of the latest updates. Want to be up to date? You can subscribe to the Newsletter by sending an email. You can unsubscribe too by sending another.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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