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facts and figures


2001 The Surface of Identity > Internet exhibition of collage and photography at

1997 Kunstlint Art Manifestation in Schiedam > Distillery Museum, Municipal Museum and Public Library > Collage, Assemblage and Objects 1987-1997.

1992 Studio Neuma Gallery, Orio Litta (MI) Italy > La Rivista, the magazine as a work of art > Ritual Identity issue #1.

1989 Podium Gallery Schiedam > Lighter factory (Feuerzeugfabrik) The Darkroom > 

1989 Riagg Center West Gallery > Imago Lucis Opera Expresso > Dance photographs

1988 Center for Visual Arts, Rotterdam
Semilogic studies, collage.

1984 Main public library Gallery, Rotterdam
Cityscapes > Street Photography.

1977 Sjaan Gallery, Rotterdam > Drawings and paintings.

1976 Municipal museum, Schiedam
Royal grants for painting.


2001 Blik op kunst website > Public choice #1 collage artist.

1999 ArtDirectorsClubOfTheNetherlands, Amsterdam > Nomination of the Fly Keja Donia website.

1980 Public Library Street photography Award.

1979 Renault AG Bruhl Photography contest
Most creative concept award.

1973 Committee Rotterdam for Haiphong
1st price poster design contest.


Teaching Typographic Literacy
An essay that will be published as a contribution in the New Anthology of Steve Heller: The Education of a Typographer, to be published by Allworth Press Spring 2004 in the USA.

2002 Creating Good Vibrations website.

1998 In Therapeutic Times, an essay. > Private press, Rotterdam.

Making My Point, designzine > Private press, Rotterdam.

1996 Wildmen magazine, Utrecht > Editorials, essays and design.

Opatel Publications, Rotterdam > Collective bookdesign and printing > #1 Theme: Water.

Opatel Publications, Rotterdam > Collective bookdesign and printing > #1 Theme: Fire.

1993 A man from Rotterdam, C.B. Vaandrager remembered. > Atlas Booksellers, Rotterdam.

Ritual Identity magazine #2 > The digital immunity issue > Private press, Rotterdam.

1992 Ritual Identity magazine #1 > Reflections > Private press, Rotterdam / Orio Litta.

1987 The Choreutic Studies Calendar > Dance Photography > The Rotterdam Dance Academy.

1980 Publication of photo essays in Dance Magazine, Entre’acte and Folkdance Magazine

1978 Seven Thousand Silver Miles > A story about America. Private press, Rotterdam.

1975-1976 Publication of short stories and columns > City Magazine, Schiedam.

Under the Spell of Love, poems >
ADC press, Schiedam.

1969-1970 Pinky, fanzine of The Official Dutch Shocking Blue Fanclub.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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