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Man and mind

We think and therefore believe that we are. We act and by doing so leave traces. If not in the hearts and minds of people, the proof of our existence will solely belong to the realm of facts and figures.

Life is not about theory or data, but about practice and meaning. Professional, leisure and household practice. We do not live in the dreams we cherish. We only live inside the steps that made our dreams come true.

The resume, the curriculum and the biography serve as the forms of evidence that describe the patterns and the structures of our public developments. Which doesn't mean there arenít other ways to describe such endeavor.

Mode and description

A medical doctor or a dentist would analyse our history from another perspective. The same counts for the social scientist, the detective, the astrologer or the economist. The latter's view constituted by the history of our bank accounts.

All analysis is concerned with detail. Which is very interesting for its own purpose, but hardly contributes to the deliverance of a whole. This sitution raises the question if our view of who we are and what we do can ever be complete, for ourselves and for others?

The oldest story about this situation is the story about the Elephant and the six blind men in a darkened room. Each man described the Elephant by the detail he can get his hands on. The clue of the story is that it is hard to get the big picture if you believe that only one single detail holds the whole truth. Which neither means that all parts together resemble the whole.

Line and labyrinth

Man is his own contradiction. To develop and grow we need to change. The image that arises out of such historic development never stands still. Such is the nature of man and mind. In order to get a grip on our lives we constitute outlines that represent a frozen moment inside this proces.

The proces of raising an understanding of oneís life, for ourselves and for others, involves the establishment of schemes that immediately start to behave as a labyrinth of memories and come to the surface as fragments. Fragments that try to resemble wholeness. As a matter of facts to give it a try.

This place serves as a room with a view. It can only be personal. Every fact and figure that serves as a fragment of such a whole relates to an overview that outreaches this medium. Are we inside the view or outside? To acknowledge the proof of the pudding we have to start eating. To set ourselves free we better stop reading between the lines.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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