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The fetish quality

Of all the subjects that trigger our imagination and serve as an inspiration things are the most mysterious. They have a fetish quality by nature and connect us to parts of our consiousness that relate to animism, totem and taboo. Things can be made by humans or are products of nature. We pick up stones and shells and keep them. We buy old objects that hold strong meanings for us. They serve as icons, messengers of style and fashion, or relate to archetypes and symbols. They might be rooted in an ancient past, contemporary history or in the present. Their fascination puts a spell on you.

Form beyond function

Design is about making promises, delivering messages and using tradition as a road to transformation. Most objects that raise strong desires inhabit a quality that goes beyond their function. They were made to function and not to communicate, still they do both. The forms and shape of things or objects relate to a 'gestalt'. The 'gestalt' acts as a genetic code and a lineage of examples. It is a source of endless recycling and rejuvenation of image and icon and is basically abstract. From Toet Ank Amon to Mickey Mouse and further we are surprised these images just feel so right.

The rewards of the empty hand

We cannot always understand the use of fetish qualities. In fact it is a question if we need to understand how it grabs our attention. Some designers come in from the cold, almost without education and move mountains and innovate because they lack any respect or understanding. They just feel and do what they think is right. Too much respect for a lineage of qualities might be suffocating. On the other end a strong consiousness of our debts to the past can serve to adjust our perception of the present. We come into and leave this world with empty hands. At last all ownership and copyright becomes anonymous. That's why our rewards lie in the proces not in the outcome.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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