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A catalyst for moments and magic

We need places just as much as friends and people. A place is an anchorpoint and an environment where you'd like to be. A place makes you feel at home. A place can be a friend, make you relax and get the best out of you. A place can function as a catalyst. Place manifests space and time and if it is the right place for you it can give way to magic.

Frequencies that act as fertilisers

Places can be actually somewhere in a city. In fact they can be cities, countries and continents. A place is a climate which can act as a fertiliser. A place does not have to be situated in the real world. It could be a book, or a website or a piece of music too. A place attracts people who share the same vibration. It connects us to a frequency of thought and feelings which can be fruitfull to our needs and help to make developments take shape.

Organic stages that make things happen

A place can have connections to leisure, work, family and friends, to special moments and to history. It can be background, foreground or somewhere in between. A place is a stage for things to happen. It's like an organism too. A place can be at it's best at a certain time, it can be awake or asleep. It lives and dies and sometimes incarnates. It can challenge you to act or to do nothing. It keeps us on the move or makes us have a break. A place can move you or leave you with indifference.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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