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Between belonging and a sense of opposite opinions

The impressions that people make upon us have a definite influence. Some come in closely, while others leave their marks from a distance. The engagement or the distance may differ. It might be unforgettable or vanish. Our memory is always patient and outreaches the scope of the database. Meeting people creates a sense of belonging or constitutes a friction between what we and others stand for. In the end it is the energy derived from these events that matters. The experience becomes part of a memory that goes beyond the brain and hides in our bodies. It reconciles our notions of good and bad, right and wrong, true or false.

Between contexts and constellations of coincidence

Certain people come into our lives through context. Others arrive by accident, incident or coincidence. Sometimes the attraction is obvious. At other times it involves a chain of connections, constellations and reasons beyond our understanding. A meeting is a crossroad between lines and rites of passage. It might involve our expectations, but you'd be better off without, just ready for surprise. As I write these lines I am sitting in a restaurant at streetlevel in a huge office building. The building was build a few years before I was born. It was constructed by one of my late teachers. One of my acquaintances used to have his office at the 3rd floor. A former employer has his office at the 2nd. I had my first internet training in a conferenceroom at the 1st floor. This is only the start for an example.

Between magnetic fields, labyrinths and metaphors

The office and the apartment building act as a beehive and serve as a metaphor for the relationships that take shape in our minds. This network of associations serves as the outline for the patterns created by people who become part of our memories. They become part of our lives for a moment or an episode. But they never leave without a trace. People leave their marks as fellow students, colleagues, teachers, employers, professionals or acquaintances from different backgrounds. They can also be trespassers, anonymous. Their impact, value or meaning may become clear in the beginning or in the end. They enter our lives at groundlevel or use their media to reach out and touch. They can be allies or idols, become friends or enemies. As we reflect the richness of experience the essence is more in the landscape then in the label. The human landscape is a labyrinth presented in black and whites, in shades of grey and manifests itself as a magnetic field in clear true colors.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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