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They might be your best kept secret

There is nothing more personal then a friendship. It's a mystery that doesn't leave its shrine. It is private and a best kept secret, but here I will tell you mine: Friends come into your life for a reason. Friends come into your life for a season. Friends come into your life for a lifetime. They share activities and ideas. They share succes and failure. They share interests and humour. Their secrets are organic and subtle. Their secrets lie between silence and speech. Their secrets should never be told.

They might be blessings in disguise

A friend fullfills a need for going deeper. A friend fullfills a need for coming closer. A friend fullfills a need for being younger, older, or having the same age. Friends are companions or blessings in disguise. Friends are comrades or supportive in unexpected ways. Friendship is shown in times of trouble. Friendship can hide in little gestures too. Friendship is born as instant karma and was made for touching you. Friendship can blossom, change or die. Friendship is transforming all the time.

They might have a website, or they won't

Friendship creates a space which is refreshing, it brings in different modes of life. Friendship creates a place for honesty and laughter, making you really feel alive. Friends might engage me, hurt me, or desert me, still they can move me and enchant me and certainly amaze me. They might be nice, loyal or cunning, restless, patient or stunning. Some have a website, most of them don't. So you might get introduced to them or you just simply won't.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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