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Ritual identity and the point of no return

All influences are experiences, but some stand out and resemble mayor experiences and achievements. Important experiences relate to friends, people, places and things as they become our inspiration. What they have in common is a ritual element. This element has a significance above other experiences as it represents a point of no return. The sum total of such events is what I call the development of a ritual identity. Which is and thus becomes the driving force of our activities.

Exploring unique talents and tasks

All experiences add to our curriculum or biography. Ritual events mark our steps as a developing species. We tend to learn from these events. We improve our performance by integrating the lessons we receive. Strengths and weaknesses are the talents and the tasks that withstand, support and witness our explorations. We need them both. They are part of who we are and underline the uniqueness of our existence. There is no question about fighting the one and supporting the other. All parts of ourselves should be acknowledged and accepted as starting points for further inquiry.

Unfolding developments by raising energy

What seems a strength from one point might be a weakness from another perspective. Still we can choose to develop our energy by focusing on what we really want. Which doesn't mean that we should strive or grasp towards our goals. Maybe the highest form of development is trust. To trust is to start believing that you are what you want to be and then let loose. Having accepted your state of being and affairs makes space for developments to unfold before your very eyes. By doing so we honour our experiences and who we are and let this do the work for you.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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