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You never walk alone

There's no imagination without others. You never walk alone. This thought from a popular song by Frank Sinatra acknowledges the fact that we are connected to share. Long before there was a notion like experience design or interaction design there was experience and interaction. Concepts and forces of life that relate to the role of the other, ourselves and to life itself.

Mapping environments

Imagination, thoughts, feelings and intuition are the antenna's we stick into reality to get closer to our personal objectives, needs and style. Style is the way you solve problems. Your personal style is a reflection of your individuality. It's the way you think, act and perform.

A constellation of sources

Every source of inspiration and imagination holds another source and another. It's a hall of mirrors reflecting infinitely. One of the objectives of a designer is to stay ultimately open to influences. It's friends, people, experiences, places, things and other mayor influences that keep you sharp and to the point. They inspire you to find the courage to start from zero every time you begin on a new project.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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