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This is getting Personal

You've entered my public domain. A domain rooted in design, photography, art and writing. Old school, new school and streetwise. -Creating Good Vibrations- is the name of the game. A site about ideas, opinions and experiences. The objective: to deliver my system of rules, targets and awards to you. Be sure for a start, my dear visitor: this is getting personal!

Private? What's this all about!

Click your way around, Enter, Discover, Imagine, Create, Enchant, Prove, Serve, Publish, Find and Connect. Get to a next layer, find out where the bottom is and search for the heart of each matter. It's private information. It's free, but pay attention: that's what you're paying with for my efforts.

Why this website is my home

Technology changes the face of our lives and jobs. It blurres our performance. Life stays the same, asking new and unexpected questions. No need to spoil these questions with an answer, but you can contribute to the discussion: be welcome at the guestbook. It's Public, it's Private and always Personal. That's why this website is my home.


Time for a Heineken ?

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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