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The forbidden art and science

Enchantment belongs to a hidden domain. It is the domain of the expert. It is also the realm of magic, and involves the knowledge of lies and truths and the ability to use them. Therefore enchantment is not a tool for the innocent.

As with all forms of magic, enchantment shows a two sided face. A face that belongs to the day and to the night. Enchantment is a very ancient art. It is used by artists, designers, musicians, actors and writers. It is also used by captains of industry, statesmen and generals.

Awakening desires

In a society which is based on technology it is easy to forget that every form of experience or interaction starts with mastering the art of conversation and presentation. This is the essence of communication.

Every good speechwriter knows that to enchant means to grab the attention of an audience. To do this you have to wake up the audience out of their dreamlike state of indifference. This is done by raising a desire, a need to know what is going on.

Be prepared

Raising attention is one thing. To hold it, to guide it and to transform attention into a form of understanding or a desired behaviour, is another. In order to master the art of audience participation one has to be prepared.

To be prepared you need to have a story. A story in which you believe yourself. If you do not believe it, who will? A story can be made up of words or images, the main ingredient should be meaning. As the story unfolds, in a well delivered manner, the audience starts asking questions that do not have an answer yet. By doing so they are getting ready for the clue.

Old hat tricks

The use of enchantment is like developing a concept. It it independant from the use of media. The concept can be translated into several modes of practice, but it has to be strong in order to survive.

Using enchantment has it's roots in the use of special effects. It might be rhetoric or eye candy, the effect can only be established by the use of contrast. The special has to be embedded in the ordinairy.

To avoid inflation you need to know about timing, the use of silence, the way attention is focused, the importance of building up and releasing tension and understand the decisiveness of beginnings, developments and ends.

The magic wand

Enchantment is a term that is used more and more often today. In fact it is one of the mayor interests of the consumer industry. In order to survive this use of magic we have to handle it with care. Otherwise the results might work towards an opposite direction.

When everything becomes enchanting there will be soon nothing left but dullness. The speed of developments raises an eternal question: What's new? We cannot do without the new, but we have to understand that audiences and producers share a critical limit to what they both can handle. The main consideration in this case is a matter of using the right time and place. Do not be too late or more than one step ahead.

To break the rules is the task of innovation. To open up an audience is the art of fascination. To become experienced in both you need guts and goals. To create a desired result you need wit and wisdom.

That's why these words are whispered.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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