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Under the sign of creation

I was born at a crossroad of craft and design on the 2nd of august 1956 in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My father was a lettering artist and a decoration painter. He made a living by painting advertising on shopwindows, trucks and cinema billboards. My mother was a haute couture artist who made her career in fashion. As a result she became chief manager of the ladies department at the P&C fashion store in Amsterdam.

Black Nazareth* and a taste of life

At the age of ten I moved with my family westwards to the city of Schiedam(*). It was there that I got involved in an environment of huge diversity. During these years I came in contact with writers, poets, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, architects, actors, artists, dancers, musicians, philosophers, scientists, astrologers, occultists, hells angels, squatters, bodyguards, plumbers, printers and mechanics. They made me get a taste of life, consider tradition and use it as a trampoline.

A quest for foundation and focus

After 10 years of activity and exploration I returned to Rotterdam in the autumn of 1977. My quest for a personal direction had become my main objective. I had been through a proces of trial and error, sometimes naive, but always vital. At the end of the seventies I seriously picked up a study at the department of visual communications of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Since then my initiation into the field of communication has been an ongoing proces for the last 20 years. I have developed a personal set of appetites, confidence and opinions. The exchange of practice and study and a growth in expertise have given me an overall view of the trade. A view which I can call my own.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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