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Just doing it

Way back in 1969 I started doing my thing: Making magazines, leaflets, posters, eventually also doing wallpaintings. It was pure publicity for different causes, events and goals at random. The results were honest, straightforward and streetwise. I lacked education and craft, but I set my own standards with vitality. I was unaware of the fact that these activities could be called a profession. Nor did I know about tradition, theory or sophistication.

Getting a curriculum

After having my professional training I became involved in a wide range of design practices. I have been working at client side design departments, prepress studio's of printing companies, small and mayor design offices and at advertising agencies. I also worked as a freelancer for my personal clients. I never stopped doing my private [research] projects too, this website is one of them.

Writing history

Today I am working as a senior webdesigner. Somewhere in 1998 I made a switch from print to webmedia. A step I have never regretted. I work for a company who develops internet strategies. We work for small, mainly large corporations, who need effective environments for their business efforts on the web. Implementation of such strategies is teamwork. This work is done in a spirit of innovation. Which gives you the exitement of crossing borders, moving limits and setting new standards. At times we even write history. So what's new? Well, I do not care too much about the difference between reality and virtual reality. It's the engagement that counts! For the user, for the clients and for ourselves. After all, this basic concept remains the same through all media.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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