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The importance of play

We live between time and place, country and climate, family and friends, teachers and tutors, likes and dislikes and between developments and growth. To play is to experience, to act and to be a character.

Every form of play has it's tools, media, muses and ideas. Play teaches us to contribute, to take care of our time and life in the way we prefer, make friends, cross borders, fullfill needs, and do things because you like them.

Play can transcend ordinairy experiences into vital experiences. You can find your place in society by a proces of play and crystallisation.

Remaining an amateur

To play means to do everything as if it's the first time in your life. It means to remain an amateur: Someone who acts out of mere love. To love strongly is to become authentic.

To be an allround human being is more important then to be a designer, but someday it helps. That's why knowledge is something that is available on many levels in many forms.

An ultimate form of knowledge

Knowledge is something we seek, but it also searches us. Knowledge is not restricted to the domain of thought. It also comes in the form of feelings, intuition and inspiration. It also comes from encounters with people who inspire us by seeing our abilities more clearly before we do.

The ultimate form of knowledge is a combination of craft, technology and vision. We can grow by learning from everybody and everything we meet. That is why the result of play can be called a work. The work is the projection of the maker and the viewer, and we are the projection of the work.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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