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The mission of designers: is to make obsolete the smart things they did last year by doing smarter things this year. It's a heavy task, and designers are busy folks, sailing away on flights of fancy, pooh-poohing taboos, reviving old lunacies, restyling the classics, inventing new heresies, scandalising the elders. Because designers lead lives so full and fervent, they can't be stopping every little while to toot their horns. [Oswald Bruce Cooper]

Good fellas. That's what you need.  
[Der Alte in Das Boot]

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few.
[S. Suzuki]

In our fast world the most underestimated part of development is time. We simply need time and attention and room for reflection. Focus is more important than effort. A vision is more important than sweat. We need time to breath in and out to get things straight. 
[Goos Geursen]

Simplicity of means: one basic set of instruments: a piece for lead, rhythm and bassguitar and a simple drum with brushes. [Moby]

Identity: business and human identities are one and the same thing. If the image we present of ourselves does not match with reality, you really have a problem. 
[Arie Hoekstra]

Work less but well. Design must in some measure be a reflection of the historical, cultural and technological environment, while taking into account the fact that tradition can no longer be considered as a historical continuation, but a sequence of contradictory events. [Andreas Brandolini]

Style is an elusive quality which, when sought, vanishes. To develop style you have to kill that paralysing respect for it for a period and for all images of wealth. But we need a moral idea to reconcile ourselves with the things that are too simple. [Andree Putman]

Design is not an interpretation with your brain on how to use it, but a challenge to your emotions on how to love it. [Borek Sipek]

Make people look at an object and it's function in a new way. [Anonymous]

Restlessness is what makes graphic designers artists. Most designers who paint, sculpt, film, etc. are simply finding other outlets for their talents. When you have talent you want to exploit it. When you are talentless you go fishing! [Steve Heller]

We have to find a slowdown method in a fast world. [Alessandro Mendini]

I have always tried to apply all that I learn to all that I do. [Paul Strand]

I have always maintained formal perfection. This is not an aesthetic demand as one might assume, but a practical one. Only images powerfully grasped and streamlined have the capacity to penetrate the memory, to remain there and to become, in a word, unforgettably. [Brassai]

I have never painted a recent painting. [Man Ray]

Somebody's got to disagree. Most people do not dare to challenge the prevailing constructs, to consider ideas that are so different. They take the present world as given. [Ted Nelson]

Why do you seek more knowledge, when you pay no heed to what you know already.
[Idries Shah]

Nothing has been done until you do it. [Duane Michals]

Forget about good. Good is a known quality. Good is what we all agree on. Growth is not necessarily good. Growth is an exploration of unlit recesses that may or may not yield to our research. As long as you stick to good you'll never have real growth. [Bruce Mau]

To develop strength you cannot be without discipline.[Sun Tzu]

What was that? That was your life, mate. Oh. That was quick. Do I get another? Sorry mate, that was it. [Basil Fawlty]

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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