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Connectivity’s do’s and don’ts

In a networked environment we are constantly asked to connect. For business reasons this is correct, but is it right when you have entered the personal? I would not like to stimulate improper behaviour. Aspecially not if it might fail to suit the right objectives. That is why I give you several opportunities to respond in different ways. Be considerate and reflect on the purpose and objective of your response to find the right medium, a medium that fits us both.

Responding on the content of this website

This website has been moved to another server. The forum has been removed but the entries have been saved. More news on the subject will follow. If you want to make remarks on the content of this website you can use the guestbook.

Responding by email

There are several reasons to send me email. If you believe that you have solid reasons to send me email, you can. If not the proper way I will guide you to a better medium, if right I will reply as soon as possible. You can also send email to subscribe to my newsletter, or use the emailform when such is advised on any part of this site.

Responding by questionaire

If you want to respond personally, but also want to share some personal insights about yourself with me, you can use the questionaire. The questionare was also made to apply for certain sections of this site which need a special password, now or in the future. Sending the form does not guarantee access to these sections, but by taking your response into account you have certainly made a giant step towards the possibility of being granted. You can be certain that by filling in the questionaire you will always receive a response.

Responding by chat

If you have urgent reasons to contact me more personally, you could consider a chatsession with me. The terms that lead to approval are mentioned on the chatpage. Again be true to yourself and me and be certain to present your motivation.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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