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The art of being personal 

Since 1999 creative designer Huub Koch from Rotterdam [Netherlands], has pondered the art of being personal. His website presents personal ideas, opinions, experiences and more. It gives you a very intimate view of a hybrid artist's mind at work, which serves as an example of a philosophy in action.

This website challenges the visitor to reflect upon the nature of content, the essence of ritual and identity, and serves as the driving force for understanding the gentle art of Creating Good Vibrations. [Read More]

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Web TV: Van Internet-tv tot videobloggen

Sinds kort is het videobloggingboek uit waar ik met 4 essays en diverse andere teksten aan heb meegewerkt.

De redactie was van Bob Timroff. Te bestellen bij Van Duuren. Meer informatie op mijn weblog. Bezoek ook The Weekly Vlog en De Roltrap.

The Education of a Typographer

The texts compiled in The Education of a Typographer consist of essays and course syllabi from a diverse and prominent roster of contributors, including Art Chantry, Allan Haley, Terry Irwin, Huub Koch, Stefan Sagmeister, and Teal Triggs.

Their comments on core concerns of typography, rules and regulations, typographic history, and digital literacy illuminate the integral relationship between sound typographic education and high-level design work.

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navigate through an ocean of data
navigate through an ocean of data
huub koch | creating good vibrations

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